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So I needed a new computer for my office, which really just needed to run cool and be just strong enough graphically to show x-rays. As it turns out, they're just pictures so really didn't need anything that powerful. This was last year, I got the Ryzen 5 2400g and paired it with a Samsung 500gb SSD. Not the fancy M.2 drive, just a regular SATA.

Still, with this system and a slightly overkill, er actually ridiculously overkill 650 watt power supply, the computer starts up really fast and I can take x-rays right away, instead of waiting for the OS to load using a regular hard drive.

Because of this, and since I don't game any more, I haven't really bought any new monitors for my home gaming system, which is getting a bit long in the tooth. Now looking forward to AMD's upcoming APU which would be something for me to use to replace my home torrenting/browsing/multitasking system.

I can see myself getting the new APU, which is rumored to have 8 cores, and 16 threads, meaning I can multi-task like crazy. Pair it with an M.2 drive and 16 gb of ram (probably overkill yet again), and maybe buy a couple of 4 TB drives (because I stupidly like to save everything I torrent), and have something that's really efficient and won't even need an aftermarket cpu cooler.

The only place where I'll be going old school probably is with getting an optical drive for the new system. For some reason, some really old legacy software I use doesn't seem to be able to be installed using a thumb drive. I probably should update the software but that would mean updating tons of records which I couldn't be bothered with. Plus this old moldy software is extremely efficient because it has zero graphics or frills. In fact, it's barely windows compatible.

Anyway, what do you guys think about the upcoming Ryzen 3 chips. They seem pretty neat to me. I'm hoping I can install that old software, if not I'll just keep the old computer available just in case I need it. Plus, I still burn CDs every so often since my car doesn't have USB compatibility either. LOL, guess I'm too old school.
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