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suplemental fuel system

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I’m running my car with stock engine and stage 1 SDS. I have the injectors that come with the sds kit but I also have the supplemental fuel system not working now. I would like to star running my car with those supplemental injectors also plus the other ones to get richer my car. I want to run just with ethanol no gas to get better result. I need help how I can run two different maps for injectors system and if you guy think that I really going to see different doing this??????????????????????
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I just boost 5 that are why I haven't blown up my car. A fried of mien is running a 350 with E85 with a double size injector a gets grate result but I don’t want to blow up my car
Thank you guys for advice
Yep bro this is unbelievable you describe exactly what is happened to my car with out even see it. I have bigger injectors and some time when my car is getting warm at idle it shut off do you think “teacher” that I can resolve my problem retune my BB???? And my engine is going to be saved???? Remember the supplement fuel system is no working right now and stock engine

Sorry if I looked like stupid but I just want to learn
Can you help me to scale the current bigger injectors that I have with the ECU flash? If you are busy I understand
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