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suplemental fuel system

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I’m running my car with stock engine and stage 1 SDS. I have the injectors that come with the sds kit but I also have the supplemental fuel system not working now. I would like to star running my car with those supplemental injectors also plus the other ones to get richer my car. I want to run just with ethanol no gas to get better result. I need help how I can run two different maps for injectors system and if you guy think that I really going to see different doing this??????????????????????
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gasoline runs 14:1 stoich more or less, ethanol needs about double the amount of fuel to air, around 8:1. you'll need to be able to inject 2x the fuel or more to run alcohol. if you have a standalone you could try for E85, which iirc runs a stoich mix around...10:1? slightly less taxing on the fuel system....however your fuel system soft parts have to be capable of handling the extra alcohol.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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