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tail lights

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skyline tailights, lambo doors and halo vents

so i haven't been on here in forever. here is a few pic's of my projects that i have done.

for the lambo doors i did an intensive how to on the .org if you want to look. as for the skyline tails i have the pics but not sure if i want to do a how to for that. and then i also did blue halo in the vents im in the process of making the how to now and they are installed here they are.

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theres a how to already on the tails. My question is did you completely remove the lense or just the area above the light itself then fill it in?
yes i removed the entire lense that covers it and then i sanded and grinded the reflector so it was smooth then filled with bondo primmed and painted and the steps in between
Looks okay and all, but I would've dropped that monster truck down a bit before I did anything else, lol.
im waiting to finish up the body kit b4 i do any drops and i ahve to install the custom exhaust also b4 the body kit. also waiting a bit need a little more money for some rims but in time they will be here by summer.
Looks good. I have mind all ready for paint, but I have been putting it off for about 6 months.
I really like that interior setup, the halos look sick in the vents.
I think the 3g looks much better without the reflectors, GJ! Now get off your butt and change the HVAC already lol. Talk about going half way and then giving up :p
those tails look pretty decent. i might have looked into something like that when i still owned my 3G. but IMO the rest is a bit too ricey for my tastes, too much light but thumbs up for the work
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