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Tavian's 03 Auto 4G64T

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Bought my first 3G about 3 years ago! Decided i wanted to make my car a little bit faster so I decided to turbo it and head swap it! Definitely not the prettiest 3G but its a running 3G. 

When I first bought the car.

Turbocharging the SOHC motor, stock block at this point.

Kia head swapping the car
Evo 8 head swapping the car
Building the engine with forged internals.
Reassembling the car, at this point is has
Top end:
GSC valve stem seals
Ferrera +1mm valves, super tech valve springs, kelford 272 cams,

Bottom end:Stock crank, eagle H beam rods, CP Carillo forged pistons.

Stock automatic transmission

Fast forward a year, the Evo 8 head is removed, stock bottom end again. Upgraded to a Holset Wh1c turbo(56mm) Kia head (kelford 272).

There's a few things going on with the car at the moment. I want to build another motor for the car before officially hitting the strip.
I plan to use an Evo 9 head I have laying around, coupled with a 2.1 Long rod motor I will build. Will be on E-85 in a week or two. Hopefully the car will see 12s by this summer or perhaps the end of the year, thanks for looking!


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I'm gonna use a computer analogy that might be relevant to this discussion. Sometime around 1991, I bought my first computer. Over the following years, I started upgrading it by buying "better" and "faster" parts, replacing the original parts. Of course, I ran into some compatibility issues along the way, and consequently within five years, there was nothing left of the original computer, every single part had been upgraded. It was now a completely different computer.

My point being that yes, it is possible to turn a 3G into anything you want, but can you rightly claim it to still be a 3G in its final form???
That's all Greek to me but hey, kudos to you for trying different shit!!!
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