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TCL Issue

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Hey guys,
I recently got into an accident involving my driver side rear bumper, quarter panel, and wheel area. The trailing arm was snapped so the shop replaced the whole assembly. Now, my TCL light is on and my 3rd brake light is always on, even when i'm not braking. Any ideas? TIA
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Does the car pull to the left? Sounds like damaged wiring to/from the speed sensor.
Nope, the car doesn't pull at all. I was going to try and clean the sensor, if its a magnet...
Yeah it's an electro-magnet. Here ya go. Take a good look at the wiring while you are down there. After you clean it, if it still doesn't work get autozone or somebody to pull the code and post it on here. Speed sensors can also go bad over time.
Perfect, much appreciated!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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