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TCL Light

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Hey guys,

Just looking to confirm this before I start going wire crazy :) I just installed some LED lights on the tail lights as well as in the center brake light on the trunk.

After driving the car a little bit the TCL light came on. Looking through all the FSM stuff I came up with that the "stop lights" function along with the TCL. I just want to confirm this with any of you guys. The LED lights have all the appropriate resistors, but might not be big enough of a load compared to a regular light bulb. Anyway share some light and "do you concur" :lol:

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When I did the complete exterior/interior LED swap, I put resistor loads in EVERY single exterior light (front, back, center). However, every time I hit my brakes, the center dashpod would dim. If I turned on my lights, it would get brighter. Mitsu's and LED swaps are a pain in the ass. Nothing ever burned out, just little annoyances. My guess is that there is nothing you can really do without chasing down every wire.
Doing the ABS test is a little bit to tedious and was hoping someone had experienced this before, kinda hoping the LED lights might have been the problem. I do have resistors plugged on all the LEDs (otherwise the fuses will by going off like fireworks :lol:), but might be related to the load in some form. Anyway I'm just pointing at the LED lights since after I installed them I started getting the TCL light on. I literally don't have time to breath these days so any ideas are welcomed, that way I spend less time digging into it. :)
do a voltage drop to see what the bulbs pull and match the correct resistors...rather than guessing :lol:

does your cruise control work? also it'd help tons to know what the code the tcl system is lighting up.
do a voltage drop to see what the bulbs pull and match the correct resistors...rather than guessing :lol:

does your cruise control work? also it'd help tons to know what the code the tcl system is lighting up.
I did use resistors to match the output current. And yes the cruise control is not working. I'll pull the fluke out and test it all out again, I have just literally had no time at all to do anything. I'll get the code too since I have to :( I hate being under the dash is so freaking uncomfortable!!!

....Took a second and went out side and check the lights really quick (visual inspection). One of the two sets of LEDs on the center brake light are constantly "ON". So here goes a questions since I literally don't remember, when we turn all the lights "ON" does the Center Brake Light stay "ON" or "OFF"? I think is suppose to be "OFF" until you hit the brake :idunno: If that is the case, hopefully thats the cause of the hole problem.
its off until you press the brake pedal. i cant remember if the brake light switch makes ground or feeds power...
its off until you press the brake pedal.
Well after playing with it for a few minutes I realized what it is. I tested it with a inductor since it somewhat "acts" like a light bulb. It worked great but its not efficient since it will eventually get to hot and pop (at least I think so). Anyone knows if it will be okay, post it up since I have never used one for something like this. Also maybe use a 6 ohm 50watt resistor?? Which again can be found at Radio Shack... Anyway the inductors I used are below:

Inductor Tested = 47 mH and 100 mH

Both worked but I fear that when we press on the brake for a long period of time, it will be to much and burn out(or pop).

Anyway when ever we replace a light bulb in our cars(or any car for that matter) with a LED counter part for anything for brake lights, turn lights, etc external lights we need to use a "load" balancer. I will post a cheap one you can buy from Radio Shack which you will use in parallel or serial with the light bulb.

Load Balancer = can be a higher current grade resistor (Example 6 ohm 50watts resistor)

x = spice or joint
- = the cable or lead

Parallel = One next to the other I I
Serial = One after the other ---x----x in a line
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hey LogicGate i was wondering the led tail lights that you got are they they anzo led tail lights? because i just got them today and my tcl light came on and have no cc. also when all the lights are off my tail lights, including the 3rd brake light is on. i also have led 3rd brake light. so would i have to get a 6ohm 50watt resistor too for all three or just the main tail lights?
I'm kinda having a similar problem like this on my 3g. It's similar to post 5 but not the exact same thing. I need to take a video to show exactly what it's doing. It'd be a pain in the ass to type out what it does.
UPDATE: i heard that you just take out the led and put in a regular one in and it fixes it, did that and it fixed it. if you have a led in your 3rd brake light you need a resistor from here: LED Flashers Blinkers Resistors Load Equalizers for Turn Signal Replacement Bulbs Rapid Flashing Fix
I have an LED from SuperBright LED's and it works fine. It is rated FOR 12V applications and has never had a problem lighting up when I hit the brake.
I just bought led tail light and am currently having this tcl light problem. at first i didnt when i had regular bulbs in the lights but i got pulled over and was told they have to be red... so here i am. would this solve the tcl light problem?

1157 CAN Bus LED Bulb - Dual Intensity 26 SMD LED Tower | LED Brake Light, Turn Light and Tail Light Bulbs | LED Car Bulbs | Super Bright LEDs
Mit Eclipse GT TCL/no CC

I installed a set of LED tail lights and my TCL light is on and my CC doesn't work.
I installed the 6 ohm 50 W resistor and it did not fix the problem. I also replaced the
brake switch and the ECU for another problem I was having. Could use some help
fixing this for the wife
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