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Tell me my logic is flawed

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Ok so i get the car to a shop that i can trust. The guy i bought the car off of personally went there and referred me. He swaped my wheels, Stechs, intake, and hood when i traded my 2nd 3g for this one. Just to illustrate this is one car salesman that can be trusted.

That being said. Tell me if my logic is flawed.

I get to the chop an the guy says its firing on all cylinders but the MAS is bad. and that with the clip unplugged it idles fine. Ive watched 2/3 not fire after switching the packs and wires. Bangin my head in frustration. ALL work on the 1/4 connector none worked on 2/3. I suspect its a short on the 2/3 connector.

So i bring a gutted evo maf i had, but the car wont start, batts low from sitting so long. (Wtf you say? I know, my door sensor on the drivers side is hella fucked up. I have to close the door in a very particular way so it doesnt come on.) So i left, they call me an say its worse than before, and that ones bad too. ----cmon!

My question is:
Both the gutted evo mas and 3g mas worked before the misfiring started,... stock and boosted. The evo one a little more rich but not misfiring. Now if the 3g mas were to go bad on the car, how could the other go bad as well?? If one goes bad the other should work right, which would mean its not the mas at all, an im sittin here thinkin why am i payin this guy to listen to me tell him how to diagnose my cars prob and the process for my conclusion.::ghey3:
LOL WTF?:whistling:

:idea:Tell me my logic is flawed so i can tell this guy his is.
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