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Testing interest: Nokia N95 8GB

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Hey guys, I have a BRAND NEW Nokia N95 8GB Smartphone. I got it as a gift but I like N75 better. So just seeing if anybody is interested. I looked up the price and it's $750 off, and it's around $450-600 on ebay. I'll let mine go for $320+shipping. The device has never been turned on and comes with 2 batteries

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I'll take it for $320 shipped if you get some pics up like in the rules.
K, I'll post'em 2night
$320 shipped ok? I'll paypal right now if that's agreeable.
Not only did you sell me a fake and I returned it in good faith since I canceled the transaction and took your word that you "didn't know it was a fake" but you're trying to sell it again. Banned.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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