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These rules are here in order to ensure everyone who browses this forum to buy/sell/trade something a smooth and enjoyable experience.

1. Flaming/insulting will not be tolerated in here. Any individual caught in the act of the aforementioned act will receive a warning the first time, and if the situation persists, you will be dealt with by the 'higher powers'. If you have a beef with someone or something just seriously pissed you off, then use the private message function and have at it. I don't care if you find someone's 'man cans' funny or they have 3 legs, DO NOT insult or flame anyone here.

2. No spamming. That means I do not want to see advertisement of a website, 'pyramid' promotions/scams, or any 'free offers'. Period. To justify what is allowed and what is not, review the following example:


Post #1 said:
I am looking for a turbo kit or supercharger system for sale, if anyone has it, please post or PM me....
Post #2 said:
Hey man, Tearstone sells turbo kit. Check out his website....
Not allowed:
Example #1 said:
Check out this site for the l33t performance parts! http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Example #2 said:
Click here to receive a free Ipod!
3. No trolling. If you want to mess with someone or give them a hard time, head to Off Topic and do so. Also coming into someone's thread and posting "Damn that shit is ugly" or "That's too expensive" will not be tolerated.

4. No "bidding-style" threads. This means all items for sale are required to have a price on them, and 'Make offers' or 'PM Me for a price' will not be allowed without a price. eBay links are NO longer allowed. I do not want to see the following:

yO f00ls i have this intake but i don't know how much its worth so whoever replies with the highest offer by the end of tommorow, ill contact you. kthxbye.
If you do not know a particular value of something or want a simple appraisal of your car, please post it in the Eclipse General Discussions forum. Also searching for the item within the parameters of this forum and seeing how much others are selling it for is a good idea.

5. If you find someone attempting to scam by re-selling an item that was originally sold or using someone else's pictures, please contact me and do not cause a riot. I get on very frequently so I should be able to take care of the problem within an hour of notification.

6. If you do not like the price of a particular item, please PM them your best offer unless the price is stated as firm. IF you are not interested in it, then do not try to justify the price. If the seller can't sell it, then they'll lower the price when they feel the need to.

****DO NOT pressure the seller to change the price or make comments that a price is too high, especially if you are not even interested in buying. IF your excuse is 'He's ripping someone off', then that does not justify your action either. The value of an object is different for everyone, and how much they want to spend. If the buyer fails to properly research the value of something, then that is their fault. Research and first-hand knowledge is always imperative in purchases.****

7. Selling of illegal or explicit material is prohibited. This includes cracked/pirated software, sex toys, porn media, firearms such as rifles, pistols, semi-auto or fully automatic guns, grenade launchers, mines, molotov cocktails, dynamites, stun guns, flamethrowers, missiles and military vehicles. Exemptions are airsoft/paintball guns and civilian vehicles such as Hummers (NOT Humvees OR tanks). Sorry ladies, that means no selling recently worn/soiled, unwashed underwears here.

8. No "TI" or Taking Interest threads. In the past, this was often used to evade price and picture listing. Now, it's either you are selling it or you're not.

9. Verified Vendors do not need to follow the picture rule if they are selling multiple quantities of an item through business. Please send me your business URL/Address/Contact information in order to become a verified vendor.

10. Selling CarFax information is prohibited. The following excerpt is from their Terms and Agreement:

CARFAX offers you access to the Site and to the Content available on the Site solely for your own personal and non-commercial use. You may not resell or make any commercial use of the Site or the Content.
11. Bumping your sales thread once a day is fine. Bumping it every other 1/10th of a second gets you banned for a day.

12. If you are considering selling more items but already have one sales thread that was created less than two weeks ago, please update your current thread instead of creating another thread. Any FS/WTB threads that are created less than two weeks of each other will be subjected to deletion of the newer thread.

13. Writing a post like a moron (or you're in kindergarten) will result in a warning, followed by a 1-day ban if it continues. Make it easy for others to interact with you by being courteous and respectful.

UPDATE: All sellers MUST format their thread similiarly to the following post below. Failure to do so will result in thread deletion without notice. This applies to all sales thread created on September 13, 2005 and thereafter.

If you have any problems/concerns/issues/suggestions/porn links of hot chicks in kinky poses or making love to each other/giving me your daughter's hand in marriage, or need a better intrepretation of the rules, please PM me.


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Example of a sales thread.

(Thread title should have a "FS:" (For Sale) or "WTB: " (Want to Buy), this is not an option. For example: "FS: 2002 Dodge Ram stock intake accessories)

Description: (Enter the item description here. Be specific as possible, include information such as technical information, condition, any problems with the item)

(Picture(s) are required, item(s) in picture must be accompanied by a piece of paper, handwritten in the same format as the example. If your sales thread do not contain actual pictures of the item or the verification paper is missing, the thread will immediately be deleted). The verification must be done in real-time, hand-written, and a date included. No photoshopped pictures please.

Price: (Required; prices must be listed in U.S. Dollars, please state if price is including shipping or not)
Date: Nice to have.

Note: All threads posted on and after September 13, 2006 are required to be in this format. Failure to comply will result in immediate thread deletion without notification.

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::::::Quick guidelines for the impatient or short attention span::::::​

-Put a 'FS:' or 'WTB:' in your title.
-Picture of the item with a written proof of ownership is REQUIRED. The picture MUST be present as soon as the thread is posted.
-Price is REQUIRED, state whether it includes shipping or not.
-No 'TI' or 'Taking Interest' thread.

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Suspended Sellers

If you see this under a username, this means that individual has some uncleared dispute(s) with others on this forum, and thus their access to the Marketplace forums are removed. Everyone will be given three chances to clear their disputes, and upon receiving the Suspended Sellers status the fourth time, your account will be permanently banned.

If you were given this status and wish to resolve it, please do the following:

1.) Clear all disputes in a polite, professional manner. If you have records or screenshots of evidence, please post it up.

2.) Please inform the individual to update the status of the dispute with me! I can't clear your name until I know both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

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Junk Yard Part Outs

There are a number of members that do frequent the junk yards. These member also do have their own FS threads in this section. They are allowed to advertise the "inventory" that their local yards have, and people can request a quote of part/s in their threads. If you wish to conduct business with these members without prior proof of ownership then the Mod team will exercise a "buyer beware" mentality.

Exercise caution and don't send money to someone unless they provide proof that they actually have the item you want. The For Sale section is a avenue to help people out with buying and selling and provide a place for feedback, but in the end we (the Mod/Admin team and owners of the site) are not responsible for people's choices on who to do business with.
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