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Think i need a clutch? lol

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i was driving home from school and at every stop sign when i took off my clutch would slip i smelt it burning... when i get home i pull in my driveway and put the car in neutral... then white smoke starts pouringg out of my hood and underneath my car and a little at my feet of the cabin... i quickly turn off the car and open the hood. the smoke is coming from the clutch... the smell is terrible and it wont stp smoking... finalyy after a few minutes it stoppped... im not going to be driving my car the shop anymore.... i was planning on the clutch going in next week sometime but it just may sooner than that...
would there be anything else wrong with the car if it was smoking so bad?
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A dozen things can make your car smoke. When my clutch first started to slip, I drove it another 10,000 miles before I replaced it. If your is that bad, you had to be doing something wrong. If you were abusing an ailing car -- lots of luck to you.

What did the smoke smell like? Like worn out brakes? or rotten fish? Was there any from your tailpipe?
no it smelt like burnt up clutch... and everytime i start my car it smells bad... no just coming out the fronnt of the car... it was coming out of the transmission... i can take a pic later f u wish...
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