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those plastic push screw thingies... i need some

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I remember finding a link a while back on here with some replacement eclipse parts that included those damn plastic push thingies that are loaded on the inside of the car to hold the panels in. Also, there are some on the exterior i could use for the panels around the front wheels (two broke so the panel isn't sitting right)

anyone have a link to a site where i can buy these little things?? i tried searching on here and must not be typing in what im looking for correctly. (no idea what they're called)

any help would be appreciated. i plan on tearing the panels out of my car soon for some car audio installation and i know im going to end up breaking or needed some of these things and want to order some ahead of time.

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Autozone or any parts store will have them. They are not OE quality but they will do or go to a junkyard and pull them off another car.
Most auto stores have a section with generic parts like that. Otherwise agreed to hit the junkyard.

So yeah, what he said.
hmmm, ok. i thought i saw a link on here a while back with actual eclipse oem parts or something, that included weird stuff like that. but i didn't realize parts stores carries similar stuff, i'll have to check it out.

thanks!! :D
I agree! Auto-Zone does SUCK, go to Advance Auto Parts. They have like 50 plastic bumper clips in the HELP! section in Advance Auto Parts for like 5$ and they have a HUGE selection of clip sizes to pic from.
Google a combination of Trademotion and Mitsubishi and you will find plenty of links like the one below.

From there you can buy every OEM nut, bolt and clip for your car, for example:

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