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Throttle Position Sensor

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Hello to everyone, so I have a question... Is it okay to clean a throttle position sensor
A few people on YouTube says that it is but today at work I was talking to a guy that is made out to be a mechanic and he said "hell no"
I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and last week it just decided to stop running, when I push on the gas my baby just dies and when I don't push on the gas she will stay running just for a moment but the rpm goes crazy, I have checked the battery and it's good even tho something is also draining it at times(thinking a ground wire somewhere), alternator passed the test, fuel pump turns on and the only codes it's throwing off is P0123 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor A Circuit High Input. Please help and Thank You
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Thank you so much

I'm sorry, I'm still not finding it... Thank you tho, when I figure out how to put a picture on here from my phone I will maybe you can help me find it
In @jelazar pic, it is the black plastic part directly above and behind the blue ignition wires, and is screwed to the round throttle body. Or look just to the right of the connector with the orange wires coming out the top. Enlarge the pic to see it easier...has a sunburst design on it.
Ok, now you've done covered the blue wire thingys...
how on earth is she gonna find it now???
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