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TI: Corbeau Rear Bench For 3G

I have been searching for a long time to find a new look to the rear seat on my 3g and couldnt find anything untill now. But I have no idea what size I would need to get or if it even fits?
here is the link

Corbeau Baja Bench Seat - 63401 by Corbeau

and hear is another look

Corbeau Baja Bench Seat from Racing-Seats-USA.Com!

Let me know if you guys have heard anything about these? Because I was trying to find some that look like aaronsspyder but he bought his 3g that way and I have had no luck finding those. (I rather have those seats so if you have info on them I would appreciate it)



Oh and I cant check the measurement on my own because I am currently deployed to Africa
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