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Toe angle on the Rear is really hard to get to with an impact drill but its rusted tight and my drill is large in a small opening.

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I haave search a fair amount for toe angle adjustments for my 3g. bi done the jack lifts and stands. I got the right tools an impact drill. I think i have to get access by of removing the crosssmember or exhaust.
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Your post is a bit confusing . Could you please give a better description of your problem .. The only time I have heard the term toe angle is toe in or toe out...and that has to do with caster / camber .
to adjust the toe out on the rear left id have to like dissconnect maybe the muffler which i dont want to do. i was wondering if anyone has done this. if they had to remove the muffler. My bults are rusted tight so i have to use more than just a socket wrench to get into it.
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