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Trading in Car need some help

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Hey guys i have a 2000 Eclipse with an automatic transmission with around 90,000 miles on it. My questions would be how much do you think i could get for a trade it? Also i have some parts on the car that i dont know if the dealership would take. Heres the situation i live in IL and the parts i need to know if i need to take off are, tinted tailights, blue glow gauges, the blue LED A/C vent mod, Halo Headlights, Genisis HID lights, and tinted tails and i dont know if this matters but the clock pod lights are blue.

Any help is appreciated!
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you would be better off selling it privately or at least taking that stuff off. i sold cars b4 and they wont give you anything extra for that stuff.
As stgray said, try and sell it privately. If that fails take the tails and sell them assuming you have stockers. HID's as well. I would leave the gauge LEDS though.
Your aftermarket parts are nothing that a buyer is interested in having - so odds are, the dealer will give you book value or LESS due to labor to remove all that crap.

New Car Prices and Used Car Blue Book Values - Official Kelley Blue Book Site and look at trade in values.

Otherwise, sell it on your own as a private sale.
yeah they are right i am trying to get rid of my o1 gt with 36000 miles and the best trade inoffer i got was 10k, and carmax said they could only give me 5K for it because of the aftermarket parts...i don't know where you at but in Fredericksburg it hard to even sell it on the street the area is flooded witht hemt he auto auction has like ten and they are going for like 5K a peice so good luck....
A lot of it depends on the dealer that your trading the car to. No matter what though your better off selling it privately.

When I considered trading in my 2000 GT with 75,000 miles the best offers I got were in the upper $4,000 range.

Also, not every dealer goes by KBB values, some base their trade-ins off of auction prices.

Best of luck with everything though.
Prepare yourself to hear 3000-3800 from the dealer.
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