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treehead's 2004 Audi A4 B6 1.8T Quattro

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Time for another new Members Ride thread! :)

As some people may remember, last year I sold my 3G, Pearl Pony, and bought a 2011 VW MK6 Jetta. The Jetta was super nice but left something to be desired. While neither were incredible, after selling my fwd v6 Eclipse, a fwd economy i5 wasn't very exciting. Plus, the market for mods on the new Jettas blow.

Fast forward to last month, I sold the Jetta and started looking for something I would enjoy more. I looked at e46's but my main goal was an A4. After several weeks I finally found the one and am now the owner of a 2004 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro in Cambridge Green Pearl. Needless to say, I am much happier now with the awd turbocharged A4!

- Raceland coilovers
- 18x8 18x9 STR 607 wheels
- 215/35/18 tires
- Trunk lip spoiler
- 30% tint
- New grill
- New emblems
- Clear fender lights
- DDM tuning 6000k HID kit
- Nokya hyper yellow fog light bulbs
- Reflector lens removal

Future mods:
- Front lip
- Upgraded stereo
- Side splitters
- Black interior trim
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How it looked when I first bought it:

First thing I had to do was remove all the horrible plasti dip:

Next was the trunk lip spoiler:

Then a friend and I spent all day installing the coilovers:

The wheels and tires finally arrived next:

And today I removed the reflector lenses and installed the 6000k HIDs:

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And now to officially introduce the A4 with some proper photos!

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Those wheels are perfect with that drop!

Thanks!! :D :D
Now thats what im talking about! Nice shots Jacob!;)
Thanks!! :blush2:

I was so close to buying an a4 instead of an eclipse second time around. Looks damn good
Thanks! It was tempting to go back to a 3G now that I know exactly what I would do with one, instead of wasting money changing things every few months like I did before, but I also love trying something new. So the A4 is perfect! :yesway:

It's amazing what can happen when a person puts the right mods on a car. A drop and the correct wheels did wonders for this!! Great job Jacob!!
Definitely :agreed: Thanks!!
Very tasteful. :yesway: Every car you touch looks superb!
Thanks!! :wub::wub:
Nice car bud, I never realized how ugly the stock wheels were until you put back to back photos up with your fresh new ones.
Same, the stock wheels didn't look too bad until I put the new ones on. Thanks!

Every car you touch becomes pure sexiness lol, congrats man and it looks great! Will you be going to Southrnfresh Sunday?
Thanks!! :blush2: I was thinking about it but I don't think I am now, I'll be in Athens this weekend. I'm definitely going to C&O on August 3rd though if you want to meet up for that!
I actually like those stock wheels but the ones you got go so well with the car. The whole car for some reason just screams style to me. Is it just me or is your camber uneven in the rear? Could be the angle of the photo though
Thanks! Just the angle, they're both at -3 degrees

Looks clean but should of bought better coils IMO. JOM/Racelands are garbage :/. Why not an s4 btw?
They're cheap but really I've mostly heard good things from other people, and they're warrantied. I'd love an S4, but one of my big things was staying around $6000, and that wasn't going to happen with an S4 unfortunately! :sweat:
Really not my style, but it looks much better than when you first got it. :yesway:
Thanks :yesway:
Quality pics :yesway:
thank ya! :wavey:

HHNNGGG, the wheels, so good:yesway::yesway:
Thanks! :D

I've been eyeing a silver one actually lol
So far I'm loving it :yesway:
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