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turn signal fit '00-02 to '03-05

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took it off so people stop calling me a noob because I have no time
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this is why I hate forums. Most people on them don't realize that people sometime aren't the best at finding specifics and probably don't have time to sit on the comp for an hour and look it up.
:lol: You reported a post about me, to me. :lol:
Hey man, i'm trying to be good about the situation. That's why i'm not bashing you like a kid and leaving the forum with my middle finger up. I'm just trying to find an answer to something that I have searched for but could not find due to time restraint. I have to get my car back on the road by friday and cracked turn signals are letting in moisture and blowing my fuse. I hope all these people that are posting calling me a noob realize some people don't have time to sit and search.... I will note my time restraints in future posts.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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