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Update On Longhornman's Project

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I have finally found a water pipe that i can use on my project. I will order it from japan on thursday or friday of this week. It will take a week or so for it to get to me.New projected date of the 4g64 remix edition eclipse to be on the streets is between 1 -30 june 2008.

Now here is a list of things that need to completed from im on the road again.

1. water pipe installation
2. resistor box installation
3. fuel pump installation
4. ecu installation
5. turbo flange adapter fabed
6. turbo installation
7. aem uego O2 installation
8. intercooler piping installation
9. mics parts installation

When i get all parts i would suggest a meet be held at my house in hockley to get everything installed a the car able to fire up. If everyone would like to come out on a saturday and i have a number of all the people that are going to come out i will cook some food up so we can have installation / food meet. i can include to the brisket or what ever everyone wants and members prodive the sides (trimming).

What does everyone think?
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let me know when teH meet is...been doing a little work myself :D
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