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Yo, everybody! It's been a minute since I bought the car and posted about it so I thought I'd come back and post some updates. As you'll see in the before pics the interior and exterior are a little rough but mechanically she is a dream. So far what I've done to the car is this:


  • Better headlights that were already converted to LED thanks to Sisyphus58! They're GREAT at night.
  • Front bumper was able to be repaired and installed new fog lights so the front-end swap is on hold for a bit.
  • She had rubber that was one size too small so, LUCKILY, our Corolla Hatchback has the same tire size. I swapped the cheap dealer-installed Generals from that on to this and bought CrossClimate2's for the Toyota ;) Those, of course, will eventually make their way onto the Eclipse when the Corolla needs new tires. Realizing that the Eclipse has no ABS and we plan on using it during the winter, I should consider swapping them lol.

  • I got REALLY lucky and found a great pair of front seats on eBay. They're a fabulous pattern but I just wish I could find the matching back seat. I highly doubt that's going to happen, but I will try.
  • Another fantastic eBay purchase was a leather-wrapped steering that was also in really great shape.
  • Also got a new shifter (brand new OEM but not leather wrapped womp womp), put in floormats from my old Equinox plus a recent intense interior detail and it is a really pleasant place to be especially with the top down.
  • The dashboard is bad but, shockingly enough, I've gotten over it and it doesn't sound that bad. I'll do it eventually but for now, the car is such a treat to drive I could care less about ANYTHING.

  • We bought it 8 months ago with about 157K and it's now almost at 160K and it has been really, really great. When I brought it to the dealer my dad works at to get all the above-mentioned work done the only mechanical thing that was done was some exhaust work and an oil change. It needed nothing else because it ran incredibly as it was.
  • We didn't think to test the compressor so in the summer we realized it is almost seized, but we did not give a shit. It has been an amazing summer with this car!!
  • The only thing that has gone wrong since then is a new exhaust issue that came from a loose bolt. So, I brought her back to the dealer and they replaced both bolts and put in a new gasket and she'll be all set.
  • The brakes weren't great when we got it so now that it's in the shop we replaced the front brakes entirely and I can't wait to see how it feels.
  • Also getting an oil change and tire rotation. They're disconnecting the compressor so we can still use the defroster setting and checking all the belts and everything else, there is a minor squeak or two.

ONCE AGAIN, the car is so freaking incredible I just can't stand it. The ride is so freakin' smooth yet it handles sooooo well. For a convertible, there is NO cowl shake and it absolutely does not feel heavy or out of proportion. The door slam is solid as hell, the whole car feels tight and composed even at 80 to 90. It's a dream, I can't say it enough! The engine has such a great sound, runs buttery smooth, and gets really great gas mileage. 30MPG if I'm gentle and don't go above 65 which is crazy for the 4A in a Spyder don't we think? Pics posted below but I forgot to take a picture after it's most recent detail so when I get her back from the dealer I will add them as well.

Future Plans

  • To date we are all in for about $4k (purchased for $1700 spent $2300 parts and labor) so we won't be doing anything else for about a year or two except for as-needed maintenance and any necessary or beneficial mechanical restoration.
  • When we're ready, we'll definitely get it painted (I will keep it the same color but find a really stunning silver) and have all the body panels and dents repaired.
  • I think I want to put black honeycomb rims on it.
  • If that all gets done and if I do honeycomb rims I think swapping for the 00-02 front end would be sweet af.
  • I need to find a back seat and if I am keeping the front bumper as is for a bit I really want the four trim pieces. Either stock or custom like I have seen here.
  • I will do something about the dash, probably complete replacement rather than covers because it is bad underneath and where it attaches to the car so the covers would be only a band-aid on a cut that doesn't it that bad.
Thanks for reading!

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