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> Hey Everyone,
> Looks like we just secured the West track for this event. This is right off the "newswire"...:) Hey its an excuse to drive right???:rofl:
> No the title does not lie. On February 9th at 10AM, The Utah region SCCA rallycross club will be hosting a "snowcross" on MMP's West-track. Anyone is welcome to come drive. We will follow SCCA rally cross class regulations. Cost will be $50 payable day of and that pays for driving all day. Basically cars will be let on track in 1 minute intervals and it will basically be a "time attack" on snow. Current track conditions are 6 inches of snow on track. If the day of event comes and the track is dry than it will be a "tarmac-style" time attack.
This is not just for all wheel drive cars. They will be splitting things up in there proper classes.
>This is a chance for everyone to practice there driving abilities while being legal.
> What: SCCA rallycross "snowcross"
> When: February 9, @ 10AM
> Where: Miller Motorsports Park West Track
> Cost: $50
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