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V6 Diamante intake manifold and AEM alternator pulley and belt

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FS:V6 Diamante intake manifold and AEM alternator pulley and belt

Hello guys! im trying to get rid of some stuff that i have left over from a swap i was going to attempt, however i decided not to and i just have this taking up space in my closet, (the wife needs more room for shoes.) ;)
Diamante Intake Manifold: $165 shipped to the lower 48 states
I also have the throtle body sitting somewhere, if someone is interested let me know and ill dig it up.
AEM Alternator Pulley and Bando Belt: $50 shipped to the lower 48 states
I am willing to do combined sales so both for $200 shipped.

sorry about that, this shows my e-mail address and loggin name, thanks!

If interested pm me or send me an e-mail at [email protected] thanks and hope i can get rid of this stuff!
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The name on paper doesn't match your Username or email. I am slightly interested in the plenum/tb. Would like a picture of TB and both with your actual username.
Did you paint inside the intake manifold?!?! Why is there paint on the bottom and looks like some got inside the runners? Also what did you paint it with just incase I wanted to strip it?
it was not painted inside, and i painted it with the paint you could get at any autostore for the engine
anybody? really trying to get rid of it, it was duplicolor paint and i have found the throtle body if anyone is interested
How much for the tb shipped to 32771? Please post a pic of it =-)
price drop 155 shipped for manifold and 45 for belt and pulley. I have also found the throtle body and will be posting the picture later tonight.
Still available? PM me
do you still got the allenator pullley? if so how much shipped to 79936?
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