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very bad gas mileage

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I had a recent battery problem(the negative terminal end was very corrored probably because of water getting on it and wasnt getting any conduction with the battery). I replaced the negative terminal end with a new one and after getting this replaced ive been noticing a large reduction in my fuel economy. I dont know exact numbers, but on a 10 mile trip the fuel guage dropped about 1/10, which is horrible compared with how it used to be. Anybody have any ideas why or how to resolve his? My guess is that disconnecting the battery caused all the sendors to reset and now they have to readjust, but its been driven for about 30 miles already and i dont think it should take this long for them to adjust.
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Thanks! Its a 2000 gs, everything is stock. Im hoping the problem is that they just are still adjusting and its nothing serious and wont require replacing anything. Ill try giving it a while longer and i guess time will tell.
Thanks for the input guys and no ses light on i think it may just have been the sensors that needed to get properly adjusted after disconnecting the battery, it seems as though my fuel economy has improved. Im going to do an official mpg check soon nect time i fill up the tank though to make sure.
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