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Hey. First post in wanted/for sale section.

I bought headers that wouldn't fit with the catalytic converter in the original position so now i need to put it towards the back :mecry2: so i figured i might as well upgrade the whole exhaust.

I've been looking and all magnaflow exhaust systems are atleast $450-600 shipped.

Doesn't HAVE to be Magnaflow! Can be Borla or invidia!

I'm looking for something in good/excellent condition for atleast half the price or free :lmfao:

If ya'll ain't got none, any references to a place with the cheapest price on these brands would be awesome!

If you have something that sounds similar to the magnaflow for cheaper or around the same price that i'm looking for, i am interested!

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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