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I just did a 04 front bumper conversion on my 00 gt. I need the 03 and up foglights. I searched and read that the harness from 00 will not just plug and play into the 03 and up foglights, but I think I may be able to rewire them?
I bought a set of cheap foglights on ebay ( the ones with the seperate switch and harness) and they were a PITA to install. I ended up returning them. At least the 03's and above fogs will mount to hte 04 bumper easily, leaving me with only the connection to figure out. What do you guys think?

I could possibly trade the 00 fogs for the 03/04. I have all the brackets as well.

I saw a how to on the installtion of the hella optilux fogs but those bulbs needed some custom modification and didn't seem very secure.
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