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waterpump dead

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hey guys. my water pump STB today on the way home. the garage thats gonna tow it to my house told me that if my timing belt didnt snap i prolly bent all my valves. how true is that? the car shut off as the waterpump went. so im hoping for as little damage as possible lol. but i got a new waterpump and timing belt and am gonna put it in tomorrow. i dont need anythin else besides the waterpump gaskets and radiator fluid right? just figured id ask. i went through the timing belt process and it didnt show any areas that i would need anything else so i dont know. thanks guys
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I know when my V6 wp failed (locked-up) it took out the timing belt
and that took out some valves. Shop had to pull both heads. Luckly it
was under their warranty, because they changed out the wp about
6 months b4.
im really hoping that i didnt bend any. i dont have the money or time to get that fixed lol. HIN in boston is out for tonight lol
How often are you seposed to replace the waterpump?
How often are you seposed to replace the waterpump?
Pretty much whenever you change your timing belt, so roughly every 60-70,000 miles.
MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT CRANK IT. If you didnt skip timing and the car cut out immediatley there is a slight chance you didnt bend any valves. Put the timing belt on, check the timing make sure its dead on, put the water pump on and refill the car with coolant, then start the car. If it sounds like a lawn mower Im sorry, if it runs normal like before kiss your ass because you lucked out.
How often are you seposed to replace the waterpump?
mine was changed out at 72K along with the timing belt, 2 days after I bought it. Went out at 93K.
did your belt timing belt slip off? if it did, you are fucked, even if your engine died right away, it will still move the pistons a couple cycles and tag your valves that were stuck down... if you did tag you valves, pray you didn't punch holes through the pistons and bend the rods...
Damn mine wasnt replaced when i had my timing belt done, im at 100k now :scared:
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