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Welcome to Club3G. Created in 2000 to focus on the 3rd Generation Mitsubishi Eclipse, our club has grown to be much more. What started as a place for fellow enthusiasts to discuss new mods and upgrades to their eclipses, has become much more. Since then we have become a tight knit community where even long after people have moved on from the 3G, they still frequent our club to communicate with the friends they have made here. We welcome you to join our club and be a part of our family.

One of the things that make our club unique is that we are member run. We are not run by any vendor or business. All of our server and forum costs are paid for by donations. Once a member has donated to our forums, we have some other features we have made available such as: Arcade, Car of the Month nomination/voting (Coming soon), as well as numerous other benefits. We hope you stick around and enjoy your stay. Thanks for visiting.

-Club3G Site Admin
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