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Well, She's (SDS) in...

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This thread is long, so I've created an index (currently the page number don't match to the content because of the change of the forum format. I'll be working on that. I'll also be adding all the pictures that were removed by a certain bullshit photo cloud service. ;) )


Page/ Topic
1/ Getting started; First tune in closed loop.
2/ First ZT-2 /EvoScan datalog with lean condition;
Aeromotive 1:1 FPR and –6AN connectors installation.
3/ Deyeme motor mounts install; Walbro 190 install;
Tuning in Open Loop.
4/ Baroscope; 100% Load issue; First Dyno.
5/ Log from Dyno; Bent valves at track; Long block Rebuild.
6/ 440 cc injectors ordered, Long block build.
7/ Track time; Oil leaks at cams, installed Ingall's Stiffy, and VR-4 fuel rail.
8/ Vortech SFMU install; SDS removed/serviced.
9/ Long block rebuild #2; VR-4 head gaskets; Pulse Plugs install; Walbro 255 install.
10/ 10 psi; Wastegate as boost controller discussion; 2nd track time.
11/ Boost Cooler install; Photos of setup; Emissions preparation; Invidia N1 removal.
12/ Heat shield; Passing emissions; boost cooler test/first trials.
13/ SDS weld cracks, removal of butterflies, ignition wire discussion.
14/ SDS weld repaired, B-day Cake, 10.7 psi, Megan OE-RS install, misc. discussion
15/ Stage 2 with wastegate discussion, Draw-thru piping pic, Quaife and FX300 bought, Big Map.
16/ More Big Map discussion, LSD install, Brembos being prepped for install. New rims and tires.
17/ Brembos, Front Lip, Oil Catch Can, Stage 2 axles, and EVO TB seals installed. Datalogged 11.4 psi and finally hit high 13's in 1/4. Extra V-5 and V-2 SDSs. Center Section redone.
18/ BOV failed and replaced, new built block installation, new Damond venting oil catch can. Rebuilt Engine spun rod bearing. Rebuild the Rebuild. Heads with RPW valve springs.

I got my SDS in. It would have been nice if GCT sent me couplers so I could actually hook it up to the TB! Idiots.

The good thing is, even though the blower is just blowing into to engine bay freely (and loudly, I might add), it gives me a chance to be sure that all the belt tolerances, oil feed lines, and the blower, are working properly under a light load.

For example, I noticed, after a light 8-mile drive, a little bit of oil at the outlet of the blower. I wiped it clean, and if the oil reappears, guess who gets to go to Vortech's factory for new oil seals? :rant2: Better now than later...

So, anyhow hope to have a local shop finish the piping this week for me and be on with it. I plan on documenting the install in a separate thread when I was completely done, but I thought some of you would like to see how I altered my CAI. :twothumb: Enjoy!

My mods list that I will update from time to time is here: Repforenzo's 2003 GTS with SDS

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Phil, if you ever need a hand you can count me in. Free labor rules eh? :p In fact, I still have some left over SDS parts laying around. What piping is it that you need created? I still have a 90 degree intake pipe to the tb from Ripp that doesn't have the bosses for the 06 fuel upgrades. I probably also have couplers that would work in your situation. For the SDS, a battery relocation isn't necessary specially considering you are using a GTS manifold and most likely won't upgrade to the diamante.

I can't wait to see how your car runs w/ just using the flash. Then you can race my talon that I finally finished up and realize that the 3G even boosted is still slow. :lol:
I never had an overheating issue and I think I probably have the biggest FMIC out there on a 3G...

Then again.. how many miles did I put on her? :lol:
He just received the couplers yesterday.
Could your offset fuel trims maybe having something to do w/ the cams?

You are running the bigger injectors on the stock pump?
Extreme? I hope you aren't referring to Extreme Motorsports... I'd stay away if I was you. They couldn't even tune my DSM right.
PM Sent
Get a DSM block off plate as the EGR valves are identical I believe and just eliminate the EGR completely.
In DSM land you can have the ECU ignore an O2 or EGR/EVAP check routines so that codes aren't triggered w/ DSMLink. Isn't that nice?

I was reading through alldata to check exactly what triggers the codes for the EGR. There are only 2 codes, 401 and 403. 401 deals w/ insufficient flow and 403 deals w/ the solenoid circuit. You would only pop 403 if you disconnected the harness to the solenoid. That means that leaving the solenoid in place but not having anything hooked up to it wouldn't pop the 403 code.

The problem comes into play w/ the 401 code. What triggers that code is when the ECU doesn't see some fluctuations from the MDP sensor under certain operating conditions in which the EGR valve should be open. Technically it's when intake manifold pressure fluctuation width is less than 2.6kPa or 0.38 psi while the EGR solenoid valve is turned on.

If you could make the MDP sensor fluctuate it's voltage, EGR could be removed and the solenoid left in place and you'd be code free.
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Phil, do you really want us to answer that last question? :lol:

Some of the DSM shops sell a complete kit, stainless line w/ an fittings and an adapter for the fuel rail as a kit w/ the aeromotive unit. Guess I should have told you that before you bought it huh? ;)

I've gotta find friggin AN-10 fittings for my extra one. I've actually got AN-6's laying around. doh!
Remember, Ripp wanted to set the first kids to 55-60 PSI! wtf! heh
The conclusions were that ripp fubar'd the fuel setup.

LOL @ Phil. I love luck like that. I've enjoyed it on far too many occasions. I know of a great spot for some WOT runs banging out 1st 2nd and 3rd nicely. It's right in the area that you have such fond memories of. It's over where 95N splits off from 495. The park and ride right there has a great ramp leading to 95N that is a good 1/4 of a mile. The scanmaster said I clicked off a 12.9 in the VR4 at that place. :bigthumb:

I know... kinda far from Annapolis. :fawk:
Phil has been jet setting all over the country for work.
You mean rock the engine in order to get the through bolt through?

Every Fing time.
It's looking like it's going to be harder and harder to tune this platform for boost with just the ECU flash. Seems Donny at AAI isn't having much luck with it on his Galant either.

I'm realy beginning to believe that the flash is great for scaling injectors etc but for actual boost tuning not so hot.
Where did you get that information from?
Take a wild guess and you would probably be right. ;)

Then there is the fuel pump. I don't know what the stock one is even rated at. What pumps are available for our car other then the 255, Greg? Looking for high flow opposed to high pressure.
The "drop in" replacements we have, and I use that term loosely as none of them is a direct bolt in replacement would be the Whinebro 190, 255 or 255HP. The only benefit of the HP pump would be for those of us pushing extreme amounts of boost as a 1:1 FPR will require much more flow w/ a base of 38ish as 30 pounds of boost means you are hitting close to 70PSI on the fuel rail and you have to be able to keep the flow up which the standard 255 just can't do at those pressures. Under lower boost settings, the 255HP is identical to a 255.
I've been informed that we are going about tuning our trims ass backwards. When I get the scoop and all the info, I'll do my best to share as much as I can.
Am I the only one that thought this was a TwinSupercharged system first glance?
Yes... :lol:
Todd (spuds) will be coming w/ his turbocharged auto that is getting installed this week... :)

If I don't make it this year to the track w/ the Stratus I will probably use my bazooka on myself... :lol:
The VR4 developed a case of rod knock a few months back which is why I started driving the talon which is why it then blew up after a quick cheap repair I knew wouldn't last and is now sitting w/ all that horsepower under the hood after I overhauled / upgraded every single portion of the powertrain.

Sadly, I spend 98% of my time working on other people's cars. My VR4 is down, my Stratus is down, my Opel GT is down, my MR2 is down. My Talon is legit but I have to still resolve a few quirks / annoyances and get her tags unsuspended by getting the emissions done. Like that fucker will pass! :lol:
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