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Well, She's (SDS) in...

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This thread is long, so I've created an index (currently the page number don't match to the content because of the change of the forum format. I'll be working on that. I'll also be adding all the pictures that were removed by a certain bullshit photo cloud service. ;) )


Page/ Topic
1/ Getting started; First tune in closed loop.
2/ First ZT-2 /EvoScan datalog with lean condition;
Aeromotive 1:1 FPR and –6AN connectors installation.
3/ Deyeme motor mounts install; Walbro 190 install;
Tuning in Open Loop.
4/ Baroscope; 100% Load issue; First Dyno.
5/ Log from Dyno; Bent valves at track; Long block Rebuild.
6/ 440 cc injectors ordered, Long block build.
7/ Track time; Oil leaks at cams, installed Ingall's Stiffy, and VR-4 fuel rail.
8/ Vortech SFMU install; SDS removed/serviced.
9/ Long block rebuild #2; VR-4 head gaskets; Pulse Plugs install; Walbro 255 install.
10/ 10 psi; Wastegate as boost controller discussion; 2nd track time.
11/ Boost Cooler install; Photos of setup; Emissions preparation; Invidia N1 removal.
12/ Heat shield; Passing emissions; boost cooler test/first trials.
13/ SDS weld cracks, removal of butterflies, ignition wire discussion.
14/ SDS weld repaired, B-day Cake, 10.7 psi, Megan OE-RS install, misc. discussion
15/ Stage 2 with wastegate discussion, Draw-thru piping pic, Quaife and FX300 bought, Big Map.
16/ More Big Map discussion, LSD install, Brembos being prepped for install. New rims and tires.
17/ Brembos, Front Lip, Oil Catch Can, Stage 2 axles, and EVO TB seals installed. Datalogged 11.4 psi and finally hit high 13's in 1/4. Extra V-5 and V-2 SDSs. Center Section redone.
18/ BOV failed and replaced, new built block installation, new Damond venting oil catch can. Rebuilt Engine spun rod bearing. Rebuild the Rebuild. Heads with RPW valve springs.

I got my SDS in. It would have been nice if GCT sent me couplers so I could actually hook it up to the TB! Idiots.

The good thing is, even though the blower is just blowing into to engine bay freely (and loudly, I might add), it gives me a chance to be sure that all the belt tolerances, oil feed lines, and the blower, are working properly under a light load.

For example, I noticed, after a light 8-mile drive, a little bit of oil at the outlet of the blower. I wiped it clean, and if the oil reappears, guess who gets to go to Vortech's factory for new oil seals? :rant2: Better now than later...

So, anyhow hope to have a local shop finish the piping this week for me and be on with it. I plan on documenting the install in a separate thread when I was completely done, but I thought some of you would like to see how I altered my CAI. :twothumb: Enjoy!

My mods list that I will update from time to time is here: Repforenzo's 2003 GTS with SDS

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take my advice and move the battery now. YOu will enjoy working on the car more. getting rid of the battery and tray frees up alot of space
I know there is alot of room but its so much nicer to mess with the engine with that gone. Also reduces everything from getting heat soaked. Relocate it and ill beat u will be happy whenever u want to check out your plug wires
garage kept. Sorta sucks that your already planning on having all the troubles that RIPP brings. Im sure it will be very well garage kept, LOL. just had to say that
congrats and good luck.. i remember how excited i was at first
and why havent we all meet up?
Gee, thanks Randy! :fawk: I love your vote of confidence. But to be honest, whether it be a turbo or the SDS, I'm going to spend time in garage tweaking, fixing, and hopefully, not too much, replacing... it is now a hobby. I'll just be concerned with the mechanical operation with the SDS as far as Ripp gear is concerned. Man, my car sound like a jet rolling down the road... got to get the piping on!
In all honesty. Either kill will work well with the proper car holder. My weak link is the fact that i dont know anything about tuning/monitoring
Better upgrade the diff because i think it just got me :(
What do you mean "it just got me"
i think i just blew my differential
come on rich ass. Just put the aeromotive in there and walbro
O nice man. this is going to be my next upgrade. Wonder how much u might have to adjust your tune?
how does your car idle? does it bounce at all and what is your AF ratio at times?
yea well i was hoping for alittle more detail. Whats your AF like at times and how much does the idle bounce?
how many times have you reflashed your ecu? Going to suck if one day it all stops, lol
Im always afraid that one day im going to open this thread and ill recieve some bad news. :(
Turn the boost up then. Well atleast to 11psi and we can go run.
god im a mother fucker. Sorry to hear about that man.

Ive never got my car dynoed but its deff atleast 300whp. I know i was neck and neck with a porshe carrera s4 (spelling). We went from a 20-90mph shot and it was dead even.

I replaced my gts tranny with a gt one since i needed something fast. Next mod will be a lsd since traction and wheel hop scares me.
evo 9 ems. Im suprised he didnt know about it before.
spuds what all is done to your car now?

Greg get to work.
Greg does do some good head. :) Greg does greg work. I wish he had another guy to help himself out because the man is always super busy
1 - 20 of 1112 Posts
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