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I have a 03 eclipse gt 4-speed Sportronic, its a project for weekends basically,and I have mods for it, so i decided to take it apart, gut her to the metal, and pulled the motor out. I stripped the motor all the way to crank and plan on rebuilding it..

My mods are -

CAT Back exhaust system
AEM inCold air intake
Diamante throttle body
6g74 fuel injectors with rails
Port & polished heads
GTS cams
Clevite High performance rod bearings
ARP ROD studs
Ruthenium NGK-R SPARK plugs
10.2 mm spark plugs
Bored out .020 over

Just wondering where can I get resistors for my injectors, and how do I FLASH MY ECU FOR TUNING, and can't I just take my car to the dyno and have them tune it without flashing it, I REALLY NEED ANSWERS PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Shops don't tune these cars. You read your rom from the ecu, make adjustments to the rom (tuning), and then flash it back to the ecu thus overwriting the previous rom. Do some reading about what's required to read and flash roms to the 3g ecu. It's all easily accessible info if you use the search bar.

I hope you're not expecting huge gains. A 6G74/75 swap would be much more worthwhile and the gains are substantial.

BTW I made 222hp/236tq when fwd NA with a 6G75 swap and auto trans and had much more done. 6G72 NA I'd be lucky to have seen 170hp.
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