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Just thought I'd introduce myself

I am a somewhat new member .

I have been visiting the site since I got my car in may 05.

But I haven't posted anything . just read info.

I drive a black 2004 Eclipse GT. I got a great deal on it.

It was driven for 3 months and had 3043 miles they wanted 18000 but I told them 16000 and I would buy it now. At first they were like we dont mark them up that much . How about 17000.I said thats too much I will have to wait and save more. They fed me some BS about other buyers. But they wised up called me back with 16400. Awesome I just got a brand new car for cheap. Those crazy car salesman they think a suckers born every minute. Not that day.They were the suckers.

I have not done any modding yet except this SpiralMax(r) Fuel Economy - Horsepower - Supercharge - Turbo - Air Management - Gas - Diesel - Torque - Propane

I plan on a body kit , cold air intake,spoiler,exhaust, rims,tint. In the near future.
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