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Wheel Locks

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I can't find my key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help what do i do?
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Tire shop should be able to get it off...

Think most solutions, unless you can find someone with a replacement key, might screw up the locks...

Something like that might work :dunno:

Good luck

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You will screw up your locks having them removed without the proper tool.

If you were using the OEM locks, find another 3G owner - I'm pretty sure they all used the same key.
honestly, unless you're using the locks like gorilla lugs because of a narrow hole then theres no reason to use a wheel lock. anyone can hammer a removal tool onto the lock lug nut and take it right off. the removal tools are really just a slightly flared bit of pipe welded to a hex to fit a socket. any one in the hood can make one or just goto sears and buy something to hammer on. if they want your wheels theyre going to get them, locks or not. heck if you have a lock they'll probably just break into your car and get it out of the glove box anyways. then you're out wheels, stereo, stuff in the car, a broken window, etc.

if you are using gorilla style locks, get extra keys since they do break over time with use. they tend to split open.
i have the same problem, i bought the car used and the previous owner had them on. if anyone is in the champaign urbana area and has a key let me know I'll buy you a beer for a lil time getting them off. otherwise im gonna have to have them taken off for me by a shop....closest mitsu dealer to me is in normal though....
My locks do not have the whole they have there own unique shape that only the key fit into. I don't care about buying new locks just don't want my rims damaged in the process
stock wheels right? going to be at BTN? if it can wait till then i think i can get them off for you and a new lug installed on each wheel to get you home. i can bring an extension cord, my removers, and the electric impact gun along with. would only take me about....15 minutes :lol: in a parking lot with a crowd of onlookers.
hehe. awesome. ill be there friday all day!
hehe. awesome. ill be there friday all day!
Which lugs? Im sure i can help you out.
i should be there friday,i need to ask my boss if i can have that day off or do a 1/2 day. my removers should work, but no guarantee. also once i take the lock off you'll need to have lug nuts to replace them with since i cant put them back on with the removers..and they'll have some 'chew' marks from the remover biting into them.
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yea 10-4 no big deal. I'll buy some new lugs, i dont feel the need to have locks on them, if people want to steal my tires they can have em, insurance is here for a reason eh?

plus i think my audio is much more enticing...
my rims are aftermarket
A pic would probably help,

But again that link I sent in the first post will fit most shapes as long as the socket is big enough...

I also don't see how it would hurt the wheels taking it to the shop, unless they're dingbats, but as we said you'd have to buy new locks because you'd have to go through the same process again if you don't...

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