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Where to buy vinyl Mitsu logos

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I've searched ebay and here for vinyl Mitusbishi diamond logos but have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can get some? I'm looking for smoke colored vinyl approx. 2" wide.
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I can cut whatever you want man.
Russ does GREAT GREAT work! I got some custom stuff from him and it is super quality. He also gave me a heads up all the time about the process!
I can cut whatever you want man.
Sweet! How should I go about ordering a sheet of 5 Mitsu logos in smoke color about 2" - 2.5" wide (at the base of the logo)?
Russ? :sweat:
Send him an e-mail, man. Seems to work best.

Have you checked his online store?
I'm working on it over e-mail now. :cool2:
Cool. Eager to see what you're up to. ;)
I'll post pics once complete! :hbang:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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