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Wierd problem..

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Ok i have a pioneer head unit, a hifonics amp and kicker subs. Also all the side speakers have been replaced with polk momo in front and i believe kenwood in back. Now here is my problem. When i turn the volume all the way down to 0 the subs just begin irattling at a low tone it is very strange then when i turn the volume up pretty high they just give out yet when i play at a lower level they are perfectly fine. In addition when the volume is at zero the back right speaker gives out a very highpitched whine type sound. Also sometimes if i jus put my windows up or down the subs begin to rattle. I dont really know whats wrong some guy at a stereo shop believed it was the headunit but i want to be sure. We tested different rcas and it still did the same thing. When i unplug the the amp the speakers all sound fine. I have no idea what could be wrong any help?
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Search man! I'm not to familiar with car audio, but I believe I've seen this discussed quite a few times here. I also think there is a similar sticky about this if I'm not mistaken!

Anyways, you check all the wires? They are all insulated correctly so they are not making contact with any metal or anything?

"When i unplug the the amp the speakers all sound fine. I have no idea what could be wrong any help?" - Had a similar problem check the ground and power wires to the amp. Also my issue ended up being having the rcas and power wires ran on the same side of the car. Guess they were to close and interfering with each other. I ran rcas along one side of the car to the amp and the power wires along the other and it solved the problem for me.
I'm guessing you have a bad ground somewhere or your RCA cables are run next to a high powered wired. That high pitched whining you hear is known as "alternator noise" (assuming the whine pitch and volume change as the engine RPM, and sometimes load, changes).

recheck all grounds and signal wire paths. ensure you have sold wiring connections @ the noisey sub/s or speaker/s.

*edit* Looks like Tampa knows more about audio than he thought! I think his post is correct and the advice is good :yesway: OT: I used to live in Tampa... sure do miss it. Well I miss everything but the smell of the bay this time of year :barf:
I had this same problem when I had the stock infinity system. Turned out to be the wire that runs from headunit to the stock amp that lost it's shielding. This also continued to happen after I put a new head unit in. After removing the stock amp everything was fine. I guess somehow in my case the stock amp was picking up noise from the messed up wire.

Like NC said. ALWAYS run your power wire by its self. I ran my power wire down the driver side and all the speaker wires right done the middle under the carpet. Something else I did was picked up some quality speaker wire from bestbuy and ran all new speaker wire.

Headunit to 4 channel amp to front and rear speakers.
Headunit RCA to 2 channel amp to sub
well its not the rcas because i hooked up new ones and the same thing happend i checked my amps ground and it was perfectly fine.
Un plug your stock amp.

The speaker that is messing up. Is it the one near your power wire?? If so where did you buy this power wire? Maybe a poorly insulated power wire.

That noise you hear coming from your sub when it is turned all the way down could be alternator noise. Try picking up your sub's amp's signal from teh rear speakers.
Since you said you only have problems when your amp for your sub is on then you pretty much got a good idea where the problem is.
well its not the rcas because i hooked up new ones and the same thing happend
Did you run them in the same location??

i checked my amps ground and it was perfectly fine.
So that means you have not checked the HU ground, battery ground, engine to chassis ground, etc?

More than likely its an issue with the Hifonic's wiring but if you see no problems there then check the wiring for your other devices (lik the headunit and the battery itself). Check the voltage reading at the amp terminals while the low volume sub rumbling is going on. If it doesn' match or come ery close to the voltage read at the battery then maybe you have a small short in the amp wiring :dunno:

And of course it could always be from a faulty amp (and less likely from a bad sub or sub connection).
I had a problem not too long ago that I should have done a write up on, but this could be useful to him. I had a short in my rear corner lights and license plate light. the constant power wire shorted against the chassis causing all the bulbs to simultaneously blow. I traced the wires back and lo and behold I found the short, corrected it, and the whining in my speakers quit ( knew these issues were co-relating becuase the speakers would slightly "click" everytime i turned the marker light on and off). It wasn't evident when I had the stock amp in place because the ground for the amp wasn't directly to the chassis like my after market amps are. If you are having signal noises coming through your speakers, I'd consider locating a component in your car that might be not working/shorted. I'm not saying this is the problem, its just another way to diag the situation. I bring this up becuase your situation is strange with the whole window thing you mentioned.
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