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Wings West Bolt on Wing & Tenzo Racing seats w custom sliders

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What's up Club 3g,

It's been a while since I've been on these forums, was on here way back when they first got started, but besides going threw the forums to see what's all new and check out everyone's car, I've found some goodies that I am in need of getting ride of. I had a black 2001 convertible (moment of silence please) that I had to give to my ex-wife two years ago. I thought that I had sold everything prior but in the process of cleaning out my storage unit since I bought a house I have come across the last remaining goodies that I must have hid.

Wings West "factory bolt on" no light, no need to re drill anything (BLACK) 1.jpg 2.jpg

Here is the link directly from wings west
2000-2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Body Kits Spoiler Wings West International Inc.

Tenzo R Rally Type Reclinable Sport Seat (BLACK CLOTH) - Pair
These seats are very comfortable to drive in. I've driven 8 plus hours straight sitting in these seats. The Tenzo logo is also stitched in each seat. When installed the original seat belts do not work. seat.jpg seat 1.jpg seat 2.jpg seat 3.jpg

The seats and wing are in mint condition. Seats will ship in the original box's. As you can see for the link above I paid a little more than 330 for the wings west wing, and I do have the original seat price and for both seats I paid around 560.00 or 240.00 ea. At this point I really don't care what I get for either the seats or the wing because if I can't find a home for them they are going to the dump. Send any an all questions, requests and offers to [email protected] I'll keep this open for bidding for two weeks, unless a very good offer comes threw and than the stuff is going to the dump.

Previous eclipse owner

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Milwaukee, WI, 53207

forgot to mention both items have been in a climate controlled indoor storage and boxed
whats your price on those racing seats ?? at least what are you looking at min price?
everyone who pmed me I've emailed ya or pmed you back.
everyone who pmed me I've emailed ya or pmed you back.
Well it's been 2 weeks and you haven't replied to my emails or updated this thread. What's the deal on this spoiler?

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Hmm I thought rules specifically said no bidding format allowed...maybe it's just me, well anyways I would pay hmmm $250 shipped to 78240 for those seats, let me know!!
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