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Wiring Options (Yes I have Searched lol)

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I do remember seeing this i believe, but I can't seem to find it again. I am currently building a fiberglass sub box (there's a thread documenting it here), but I have decided to go down to one Sub. Currently, I have a Sony 2Ch amp with a duel coil Audiobahn sub, I know it's not the best setup, but I'm actually pretty happy with it. What would be the best way to wire my duel voice coil sub to the 2 channel amp? Thanks in advance.

Current Setup:

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anyone have a wiring diagram for this ? I'm a little confused when it comes to wiring these!
haha i got that part bro. I meant w. bridging the amp? +1 for helping out
First things first, list the model number of your amp and subwoofer. You could cause damage to either one or even both if you wire it up incorrectly.
ha your amp is just like mine.

speaker terminal furest away from power/ground/REM use +
speaker terminal nearest your power/ground/REM use -
Ok so i think i got this right. For the amp that diagrame helped alot. As for the internal wiring of the speaker now and I taking voice coil #1's + and bringing it to coil #2's - and the remaining + and - will go to my terminals?
ok so i pretty much bridge it the same way i would the amp
No. Just run the wires to the amp like you normally would, but different terminals.
aight awsome. will check that out tomorrow
All incorrect information posts deleted.

You amp is NOT stable at 2 ohms when it is bridged. 99% of all 2 channels are only stable at 4 oms when bridged.

The best way to wire this amp/sub combination is to run each channel to a voice coil. If you wire the VC's in parallel (down to a 2 ohm load) then the amp will immediately go into protect or just fry itself.
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Ok thats alot man! Like I said I have no clue about this stuff. I was hoping you or Hijacker would chime in. Thanks +1
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