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wondering if car is worth it?

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Hello everyone, Im looking at a 1997 GST and it already has a bunch of performance parts done to it. for example a 16g turbo, BOV, full exhaust, and full suspension. this is just some of the bigger things. The main problem with the car is that at least one of the rod bearings took a shit. My buddy only wants 800 for the car. Here is my dilemma is this car worth it and if it is how hard and expenive is it to change out the rods and rod bearings? or should I just pull the motor and bebuild it? Thank you everyone for your time and best regards Matt/01'3gGT
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Matt, it depends how good the stuff is on it. is it all chinese shit?? like chinaturbo 16g and chinabov?? how rusty it is etc. etc. try to get some pics!!! either way you go ... just replacing the rods and rod bearings or rebuilding the block, its gonna take a little time its not like changing an air filter! 800 sounds nice, but remember the old get what you pay for!
Well guys I bought the car. As you can see from my other recent post. I got it home pulled the plugs and cleaned them. I tried cranking it over and it was trying to start then all off the sudden we lost all compresion, just as if the spark plugs were pulled. Any thoughts on what just happened?:dunno::scratch:
ummm. cleaning the plugs doesn't fix a rod bearing issue.\

edit: nevermind, i'm retarded.
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