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Wont start, and now noises

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So I got my 2002 GT 5 speed on saturday and yesterday I tried to start it and it would not start for a few minutes. Has full power, all the lights come on and everything, it just would not start (or turn over). then i try it again and it fires right up. The problem keeps persisting yesterday and today, and i noticed that if i shake the car a little bit and try again it usually helps. i figured starter. so i cleaned out starter relay and took it to autozone and they checked the starter and said it was fine (of course it started right up when i had them checking it out). so tonight i decided to take the gf for a ride in the car and it wont start.. im parked on a hill so i figured let it roll, pop it in first like my dad had told me. worked fine the first time, we go out again and i have to do the same thing, it starts up BUT now theres a clicking noise from the engine bay on the drivers side... When the car is idling or at low RPMs you can barely hear it from in the car, and when i push the clutch down the sound goes away..:confused: you guys have any ideas? sorry for being so long
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its a normal tick if were talking about the same noise, its more of annoying than anything. When i first bought my car i raised hell at the dealership telling them to replace the tob, and they insisted the noise was normal in the 3g, they then printed me out a tsb from mitsu saying the noise is normal. so sorry youll have to live with it. As far as your starting issues, have you checked out your battery terminals? possibly bad corrosion
thats weird.. the noise wasn't that bad until i got it started the way i described.. and i thought it was weird that it went away when i pushed in the clutch. Im going to go check all my terminals and all that good stuff this morning, though since I have full power in the car Im pretty sure it isn't the battery
tentative fix

Ok so I have read a TON of posts and narrowed it down. battery is fine and battery cables/terminals were fine. I decided, why not check something easy, like the clutch safety switch.. well it looked as though the pedal was not pushing the little pin in all of the way.. so i had my bro try to start the car when i pushed in the pedal and the pin... fired Right up. so i moved the pin a little closer to the pedal and its firing up perfectly fine. im hoping thats the problem! and that weird noise.. well it went away! im happy now

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