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Wrights G35x

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Wrights G35x *new stuff*

Havent posted much since buying my car so I figured it was time to make a ride thread for the new car. Ive made a few minor modifications since I purchased and there will be a few more coming later on this year.

The next mod for sure will be BC coilovers to get rid of the monsterous ride height and front wheel gap :squint:

Mod the headlights
Paint the grille
OEM front lip
Rear diffurser
Exhaust (for sound :wub:)

Heres how It is a couple days after purchase, and these pics has already been posted on my Stratus page.

First thing done was window tint which made the car look tons better

Then added a 'lip' spoiler to the trunk. Hides the chrome strip on the top but Im still undecided on what I want to do with the rest of it.

Replaced all of the courtesy lights with white LED's along with the tag lights and front running lamps

The air filters that were in the car were just plain paper filters and I wanted something that was easy to maintain and possibly not have to replace for a very long time. I bought HKS dry flow filters.

Random crappy cell phone shot of the rear all lit up.

Then came the new rimzz' ;) Decided to put my Z wheels on the G since I never had the chance to do it with the Stratus

Time for a debadge for the most part

All done!

This brings me to this evening. I decided to give the car a good cleaning and waxing. Will be showing up for Z days this weekend so need the car fresh

This last one is for giggles. Look at that gap! :lol:

Some of these shots are very similar but I was playing around with the camera and Photoshopping skillz. Wanted to post all to see how they turned out.

Let me know what you think :)
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Coming down for MTOD this year???
Yessir! Ready to put this 4x4 beast to the test. ;)

Checking out Z days for the first time Saturday. Looks to be a nice event as well.

Get some new bolts/screws for your license plate holder, they kinda look a bit rusted. Have you though about plasti-dipping your front grill and emblems? might be a nice accent color.

Edit: I learned how to read the first post.
The bolts will be replaced as soon as my custome plate comes in. Takes hell and ever for KY plates to be made :rant:

The grille will be two tone. Top and bottom strips will be silver to match the car and the rest will be black with the chrome emblem.
Let me know how their event goes, I am interested in how they run things for that event.
Ill most likely have pics to post and will update you. Here is a good link to get a good idea of what goes on during Z days.

ZDayZ 2012
Went to Zdayz yesterday at Fontana Village. It was pretty awesome and tuere was a huge turn out. There were hundreds of cars there and they were all very nice. Car Nissan even had a huge tent set up with new cars on display including a 2013 Nissan GTR Black Edition

This was taken on the dragon. I have more ill upload eventually.
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Car is beautiful, super clean. Chris came and stayed at my place for the evening and let me tag along at ZdayZ. Nissan doesnt play around. Awesome display they had up there with free stuff, and Nissans completely took over the area. Over 100 cars in the show, another 50 parked at cabins at Fontana Village, and countless others on the Dragon and surrounding roads. Lots of money tied up in those things!

Thanks for bringing me out Chris!
Anytime Dan!

Looks great! Looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks!
Thanks! Ill be there!

A 2011 g37 or g37X sedan is on the top of my list to replace the Z06. Nice car!
Im sure it will be a power downgrade but it sure wont leave you dissatisfied for a sedan. My car, having the VQ35HR does a low 14 in the 1/4 mile stock. A few bolt ons makes It better. Im not sure what the G37 does but im sure its better or close.
I wish i had a 2010+ model as the minor facelift Infiniti did thru out the car makes all the difference.

If you get a new G37x your looking at a $40k plus car where as mine was $36k new with the premium package so the prices gave increased with quality. My dealer has their last 2011 g37x with premium and tech package. Marked down to ~$38k with only 450 miles on it. They tried to get me to trade my car in on it but i didnt like the payment that was quoted lol!

Good luck on your car search! Cant wait to see what you find, hopefully yiou can get your hands in a G37xs!
As I posted in my last few posts I got the car ready to go to Zdayz over the weekend and was lucky to find these pics of my car. I'm very happy with the way they turned out! Order quote a few of the prints :wub:

Only downfall from the last two was the prick in the Camaro wouldn't get off my ass :rant:

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Any body roll?
Surprisingly I didn't feel any compared to my 3G's/Stratus and it's on OEM suspension. If there was it was minimal enough to where I didn't feel it. Then again I didn't push it to terribly hard. I'm sure with intense spirited driving there would be.

Thanks everyone!!
I can't wait to see it lowered. What kind of wheels are you going to use in the future? I really like DPE wheels. Either the S20 or something along those lines will look good. :dunno:
:lol: you think I shit money? Jk.

I don't really know honestly, all I do know it will be a concave style wheel. I've seen some really nice concave wheels I liked a lot. As far as spoke and color choice Im undecided.

Aftermarket wheels will be one of my very last mods. There is a bunch of small stuff I want done first to get the exterior and interior to my liking including repairs, this weekend it's going into the detailing shop for a paint restoration. Hopefully it turns out well and I'm satisfied. I really really really want to do the 2010+ front end conversion with the sport bumper and lip but first thing before anything like that will be coilovers, sway bars, end links, and probably Akebono brake swap from the coupe.

Oh and my exhaust will be modified before TOTD as well..hopefully it turns out nice. :ninja2:
Working on these as well. The 2007 models had a defect in the coating that was sprayed on them and the coating easily scratched off. It seemed it was rubber or something?

So pebbled blasted them, need to sand some and will drop them off at the body shop to be painted flat black. The chrome strip on the trunk is being color matched and chrome trim around the windows with be gloss black vinyl.

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I know how you feel man, but if you have any questions on concave wheels or size and fitments, feel free to pm me :wavey: I can't wait to see this at the Dragon.
Thanks! Will do!
The 13th the G will be entering the body shop for some repairs.

Will be getting some goodies added :p

Teaser pics!

That lip is for the 07-09 Sport front bumper which will be added as well. Im excited!
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Very nice. Are they CCFL's or LED's?

Cant wait to get them on!

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Just got the car back from the body shop and I am stunned. Looks completely different! Here is a couple pics for now but will have to pull out the good camera for a "photoshoot" later on this week.

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Thank you all. There is more to come, just waiting for the money lol
Whats this?!

The low is coming soon to the G :D

Should be installed with all new brakes/rotors/fluids and a few other minor things within the next couple weeks.

Also starting on my headlights again.
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Just realized I have a few images I never put up from when I installed the TopSpeed Exhaust (total crap for many reasons). I love the sound the system produces but quality of the system is no where near what it should be. Ive heard of other members on g35driver having better luck out of the earlier models of the system but corners were definitely cut on this batch.

Ass up in the air, ready for it to be played with lol :ndance:

What went back on the car. Not the exhaust I really want but this will do for the price I paid for it. I will eventually be switching to Ark Grip true dual exhaust. A little pricey but well worth the money performance, sound and quality wise.

Dirty undercarriage and super skinny piping in the back lol The exhaust on the G sedan is REALLY restricted. I am assuming that is why there's such a major exhaust note difference between the Gcoupe/Z and the sedans.

The final product. Notice the shitty fitment on the drive side? Yea, that's just one of the issues I've had with this product. Not counting the jagged edged single walled tips where they were supposed to be dual wall/rolled tip and rust forming a little over a month after installation. I have to use steel wool to polish the surface rust off the system every single time I wash the car.

When I get the car back off the ground to change the fluids I will be removing the axle back section to clean up, Re-polish for the 100th time and paint the actual muffler canisters flat black. Just the tip itself is staying Chrome (well when its not rusting that is) I need to find a remedy to keep the tips from rusting permanently other then replacing them which may be my only option.

Also, this it the reason the headlights are having to be re-modded. :( This happened back in October just a month after it was fixed from the first accident. All is well not except for my modded headlights.

Another crappy cell phone pic just for fun to show off my plate and LEDs lol

Just for reference, this is the look I am going for with my car.

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Sweet! :yesway: Sucks about your accident and the lights though. Would love to see this G in person sometime. Maybe we can get a meet goin this summer.
Ill probably be in Louisville one day before MTOD in June to have the car serviced at the Infiniti dealer there. I don't much like taking it to Glenn Infiniti in Lexington. We could meet up then if you have time.
The time finally came yesterday to get the Coilovers installed on my G35. I had never installed coil overs before or worked on the suspension of this car. All while reading and researching how to do this on the G forums every one stated that the install would be easy - They lied. We started on the car at 1:30PM yesterday and did not finish until about 11:45PM with quite a few road blocks. The suspension on this car is far more complex then what that of the Stratus and Eclipse was.

Started by stopping and getting a new low profile jack and another set of jack stands. I knew that my old jack would no longer fit under the side of the car once it was lowered. Upon arrival I seen this nice looking coupe, obviously had to park beside it lol

OEM height. COMPLETE 4X4 mode. :D

Better views of the wheel gap

Of course it has to be higher in the front then the rear just as my Stratus was.

What went on the car. I love shiny new car parts :D Also pictured here is the new jack and jack stands.

Old VS New

Rear parts removed

Pretty parts back in!

To the front we go....which is what caused all the problems.

I did not get pictures of the front coils installed as it was well past dark before we got done. Here's some comparison pictures to show just exactly how much it dropped in the rear. This is the the wheel gap while jacked up on OEM suspension.

This is after coilovers while still jacked up.

Finally - Completed pictures.

Really close to the ground

Thats it for now. Will be posting more later on in the week after I do a little more tweaking to the suspension and install all new Rotors and pads. These are similar (mine are just slotted) to what should arrive tomorrow for me to install.

I am working on the headlights too just no pics until I actually get somewhere with them.
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