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WTB: Bump stops (can be used ones, but must not have been cut)

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Anyone gone to coilovers and still have their old spring / strut assemblies laying around? I'm looking for all 4 bump stops. I don't care if they are used, but they must be the original heights - I don't want any that have already been cut (like you would after an Eibach install or something).

PM me please if you have anything that you want to get rid of.
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I'm pretty sure I have atleast 2 OEM bump stops. They are dirt cheap at the dealer though. I'll check my stash and post up this w/e if still needed.
They are dirt cheap at the dealer though.
I placed an order with Mentor (online) 3 weeks ago and they still haven't received them from Mitsubishi. Seems to be an availablity issue more than a cost issue.

I suppose I could get off my lazy but and drive to my own dealership. If they've got them or can see them in inventory in a distribution somewhere, I guess that may be the route I go.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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