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WTB coolant system parts and others

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hey guys. i really need some parts for my car. i blew my head and cracked my radiator so heres what i need if u have it let me know how much shipped to 06239

head for 2.4 2000 eclipse
overflow tank
timing belt
gasket kit
head bolt kit
coil packs

i have a couple things that im going to be posting forsale when i get the pics up this weekend so if anyone wants to trade this is what i have

MAF censor adaptor chrome finish and its metal. the finish isnt perfect but ill have pics soon

i have a front bumper for a 2000 eclipse its red im not sure which red. its got some scraps on the bottom but its in good shape and its got the styrophome part in the back of it and the fake vents.

i have a stock gt shifter a lil surface rust but im gonna clean it up

stock airbox for a 2000 GS its got a newer filter in it maybe 5000 miles on it im not sure

stock headlights chrome finish one has a small issue it broke the little washer that the hinge goes behind so i slightly modifyed it so it works fine. the bulbs should still be good they were when i took them out

i have 2 digital audio house speaker cabnits. 400 watts each i paid 1500 a piece for them they asre nice and they are almost brand new.

a sub box for a single 12 with 1.5 cubic feet of airspace sealed and carpeted

im not sure what else but ill take a look. i just moved so i need this gone. and i really need to buy parts this is my only car for me and my girl lol.
pics up on friday or sat
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