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WTB: Eclipse ECU minus limiter

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I guess the title says it all.
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IF you want to change your limiter. Get a Tactrix cable, and reflash the ECU for a different limiter point. BTW, these engine dont make much power N/A after 6500rpm.
im not looking to get rid of a rev limiter i want the ecu minus the speed limiter, and im going to be turboing my car soon
AFrostyStrang - Please answer this for me. Curiosity is killing me.

1) What IS the "speed limiter" set at on the ECU?
2) Where do you plan on driving at where this limit needs to be raised?
i thought eclipse ecu's did not have any kind of "speed limiter" haha aka governor

e.g. my 2000 rs is gear limited at 6000rpms in 5th gear...which i am probably never ever gonna attempt to reach!

why do you need to take your governor out anyways? you dont need to go over 120 even on the craziest track !?!?!

We dont even have a govener
Just a fuel cut out on 5th gear at max rpm's
Removing this is like pointless...
there is no cap....i topped my car off when it was still running when i was doing trips to socal.....there is speed limiter although its just not that safe to drive that fast without other mods or even a good track for that matter.
the speed limited is set to "OFF" on the ecu and if it was "ON" itis set to 512KM/h which is a speed we will NEVER reach in a 3g
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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