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WTB: KYB AGX Shocks and Struts

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It is safe to say my shocks and struts are done for.

I'm looking to buy either a new or used set of KYB AGX Shocks and Struts for an 03 GT.

Let me know if you have them and we can discuss a sale in the thread or through PMs.

Thank you :)
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Why used?? $290 will get you new KYB AGXs. There's a group buy going on here dude.
x2... raceko will hook you up!
Don't expect them FAST, but you WILL get them and it's definitely the best deal around :]
hit me up if needed

i am def not the fastest

but i got the lowest by far
I know Raceko sells them for $290, but I need them within the next month. It is the only way I will go into business with him, especially after reading some of the posts on the group buy thread. No offense.
I believe Raceko is no longer doing these? He mentioned getting laid off in his thread.

I still need a set of these, let me know guys. :)
Ill have a set with eibach sportline lowering spring probably in about a week, PM me if interested or something
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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