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Hey i am interested in many parts... let me know if you have any of these for sale or know of any. Thank you!

1. Aftermarket taillights
2. Aftermarket 17 inch rims (for a very good price)
3. Mitsubishi emblem to put on the car
4. Mitsubishi decals, 3g decals, eclipse decals for the car
5. Cold air intake
6. Or short ram intake
7. Racing seats
8. Racing steering wheel
9. Body kits (again, for a very good price)
10. Aftermarket headlights
11. Carbonfiber hood

Thanks for looking and, PLEASE LET ME KNOW of any of these items! thank you!!

I'd Rather Be Flying
2,106 Posts on the sale section on the sale section
3.they are $20 at the stealearship
4.Vinyl Decals on the sale section
7.kinda hard to find for cheap
8. "air bag" remember
9. search on the sale section on the sale section
11. Scc (hijacker)

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I have 17 inch Falken Torque 5's for sale. they are silver with a chrome lip. with tires. Asking $500.00 the tires have 6,000 miles of wear. Will give the lug nuts as well. they were $1100 new with everything.
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