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WTB: rotos, fog light, front bumper...

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I am fixing my 01 GT. With the only 2 snow that we get in a year I run the car to a ditch and I broke the front bumper. I will probably repaint the whole car in this next month, so I think it is a great oportunity to install a new bumper if I find one at a good price.
My rotors are also used up. Still have the OEM even though i put 150K on the car. I will use my car for at least another 5 years until it applies for retirement.
I also have to change the suspension and a RIM (because I hit a curve really bad :drunk:) My RIMS are Mille Miglia Emotion SSL (I either have to buy one of the same or 4 new and sell the other 3)
I will also consider a turbo kit, Though I doubt anyone will want to sell one for a price I can afford. :wiggle:
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I have rear rotors and pads. They are Autozone Durabrand, so go in there and look at the price and just subtract like $40 off for shipping. They are brand new never opened. Sold the car a week after I bought them.
Are they just the regular?
I was hopping to get some slotted or dilled rotors to increase a little the appearance. After all, the brakes seem to last me 6 years :D
Yea, they are just cheap ass duralast (built to last :dunno:)
Make sure you don't get off brand cross-drilled rotors. I wouldn't even get cross-drilled rotors. They will crack and won't last long. I would honestly just get yourself some Brembo blanks or something along those lines, they will be plenty good for you.
it is a thought choice now. So cross drilled are not just 3 or 4 times more expensive, but they crack easily? I just drool :drool: when I see them in a car, and I have been waiting all these years until my rotors came to end of life.
@high flier, what corner lights do you have?
My corner lights are good. I just broke the front bumper cover a bit by hitting a ditch and several speed bumps.
If I can get the struts this week I already arranged for a mechanic to install them, but I have no idea what struts to buy since I want something firm (I tend to turn at the highest speed possible, since I live in the middle of nowhere)
i have oem fog lights and clear corner lights with yellow bulbs and fake vents from an 2001 eclipse, i also have a front bumper but it has a little damage, i can send you pics. pm me, i would like to get rid of this stuff.
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