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wtb: turn signal

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Hey guys, been looking faithfully in the for sale threads to see if someone has a single turn signal. Not looking to pay too much. I either need a clear driverside turn or a amber passenger side turn. This is for 00-02 btw. I know people have full sets of both for sale, but I don't need a full set... just one of either.

Also too the Ohio members.. anyone want to trade aftermarket black tails for my TYC clears? lol thanks!
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i may be able to help you out. can you specify what you need mean?
Well right now I have a clear passenger side turn, and a amber driver side turn. I just want to have the same color... so either

Clear driver side or Amber passenger side.

bump... anyone? lol...
I dunno... I know a lot of people are selling a set of clears for 20shipped. So not much at all. j/w said it'll be $1 for 6" of light.. so it'll be like 2 bucks lol... but none have them here in ohio.
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