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WTB: used cold air intake (AEM, INJEN, K&N) V6 model

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Please anyone that has any of the above CAI's and are thinking of selling it, I am very interested! I have about $150 saved up and want a used AEM, Injen, or K&N cold air intake. I would buy a new one but im a kid with a low paying job trying to pay for gas and a car bill (thank god the parents picked up the insurance) I'll take any color I dont really care! but if I had a choice silver or blue hah. Thanks guys. HELP ME OUT HERE! :worship:
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I'll give you my AEM V2 intake (silver) for $200 shipped.
im bringing my car back to stock to sell it.
if he doesnt take it pm me i prolly will
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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