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WW Kit & Any CF Hood...plz - COMPLETED

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I would like these two pics photo shopped plz.
Drop it, matching color WW kit, and CF hood if possible.
Much appreciated and mahalo for your time.

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Wouldn't a blue version of my car just be easier?
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It would be nice HiJacker but I couldn't even get my car any close to what your amazing car looks like. Your car has been my all time fav well fresh and so clean!! Please photo shop the pics plz, lolz
And once more Sara comes through with epic PS skillz
Man that kit is looking so damn good. Please can someone do a groupbuy for the WW kit PLEASE!!!!! Beautiful looking blue car homie, where did you get that side graphic, i like that i lot. If thats your business or something i would rock that shit same color on my car for ya!!
Looks fantastic! If you do it, paintmatch your mirrors also. :)
that does look good sara!!
Yeah sarah... MAJOR props to that PS!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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