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Zt-2 the most affordable Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter and datalogging system.

ZT-2 Specs

* 0.1 AFR accuracy
* Operating voltage 10V to 18V
* Switching power supply for oxygen sensor heater
* Precise sensor temperature control
* Reverse polarity protection
* Integrated fuse
* Flexible Plug and Play Sensor Harness with a small, easy to route through the fire wall, connector
* Wideband Oxygen Sensor included
* Easy to install plug and play kit
* Adjustable Narrowband Switching Point
* Warning Alarms and Triggers


* Bosch Wideband O2 sensor
* Linear Wideband Output AFR=Vx2+9.6
* Nonlinear Wideband Output
* Serial data output to the Zeitronix Wideband LCD Display
* Serial data output for real time datalogging (PC laptop required)
* RPM Input ( tachometer or primary side ignition coil input). The RPM input works in any car and any ignition system. No additional adapters needed!
* Simulated Narrowband Output to feed a stock ECU
* Throttle Position Input
* Boost Sensor Input
* EGT Probe Input
* User Input/Warning Output
ZDL Datalogging Software
The Zt-2 communicates with the PC Laptop via the serial port. The ZDL logging software records up to 9 hours of data per single file. Different screen options are available. It has a black background for easy night tuning. The logging start, stop and pause accessible from keyboard shortcuts. Excel and text data export.

Win92/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista compatible.
You do not need P4, P3 or even P2 laptop. We understand that you want to leave your new laptop at home and dedicate the old one to car tuning. We give you well optimized software. If your laptop is capable of running Win95 and up it is good enough for the Zeitronix logging software.

The digital gauge screen option could be used when purchasing the Zt-2 without the LCD display.
ZR-2 Multi Gauge. 16 Gauges in one!

* One gauge for Wideband AFR, Lambda, Boost, Vacuum and EGT
* 16 gauge combinations
* 4 digits
* Stylish, machined, brushed finish aluminum bezel and slim enclosure gives the gauge an elegant appearance
* User programmable outer LED and inner numeric display values via a front push button
* English and Metric Units
* High contrast LED display
* Large 0.3" (7.5mm) digits
* Slim, flat back, design for flexible gauge mounting options
* Peak and Hold feature

The Multi Gauge works with all versions of the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband AFR meter and Datalogging System. The ZR-2 plugs into the Zt-2 DATA port. For clean and easy plug and play installation, power and serial data is supplied from the Zt-2 DATA port. There are no additional +12V or ground wires. The ZR-2 cable length is 5 ft (1.5m)


The ZR-2 gauge is only 6/8" (19mm) thick. The back of the gauge is completely flat with cable hidden in a cavity and can be surface mounted almost anywhere inside the car cabin using a piece of Velcro or double sided tape. The ZR-2 base allows the gauge to be mounted in a standard 2” 1/16 (52mm) gauge pod. For additional mounting options the package includes 2 set screws and 2 nuts.

ZR-2 gauge dimensions:
Base diameter 2" 1/16 (52mm)
Bezel diameter 2" 1/2 (62mm)
Thickness 0.75" (19mm)
Digit height 0.3" (7.5mm)

LCD Display

ZR1 Gauge

Link to ZR2 Gauge Click

ZT-2 Wideband AFR Meter and Datalogging System - $265
ZT-2 + ZR-1 AFR and Lambda Gauge - $355
ZT-2 + LCD Sreen (black or silver) - $375
ZT-2 + ZR-2 Multi Gauge - $375

ZT-2 + LCD Screen or ZR2 Multi Gauge + 3.5 Bar Map Sensor - $465
ZT-2 + LCD Screen or ZR2 Multi Gauge + 5 Bar Map Sensor - $470

ZT-2 + LCD Screen or ZR2 Multi Gauge + 3.5 Bar Map Sensor + EGT Probe - $535
ZT-2 + LCD Screen or ZR2 Multi Gauge + 5 Bar Map Sensor + EGT Probe - $540

PDA Serial Cable - $15
USB Serial Cable - $25

$15 for shipping to the lower 48 States.

Need a minimum of 5 orders for these prices.

If you are SERIOUSLY interested, please start a list and also include what you want.

All of the orders must be paid in FULL before any orders set sent out.
Money will need to be sent in within ONE week after the list makes 5 people.
Credit cards or paypal is accepted. 3% paypal fee is added to the order.


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I'd be interested in "ZT-2 Wideband AFR Meter and Datalogging System" for $265 and the USB Serial Cable for $25. The question is, do you ship outside the States and do you still accept PayPal although my address cannot be verified? I'm in Europe.


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Question. Doesn't the Eclipse/Stratus ECU reconfigure itself around the AFR hookups? I'm curious.

Oh, and does the "USB" cable hook directly into the OBDII or is it used for the AFR meter?

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This is more for if you have a power adder of some sort.

You need some form of fuel tuning device to adjust the fuel to make this worth it.

USB adapter is for hooking up the system to a laptop to log the data.
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